Representative Projects:

Master Planning & Site Development

Norfolk State University (NSU) Master Plan, Norfolk, VA
Responsible for the civil/site/utilities design in the preparation of the Master Plan for Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia. Responsible for the design and recommendations for the infrastructure in and around the university and its environmental setting and impact.

Village Square Shopping Mall, Ashland, MA
Responsible for the site development of 12.8 acres located on Pond Street in Ashland. The project involved securing required site plan permits and approvals from planning board, board of health and DEP.

Governor's Crossing Senior Development, Hopkinton, MA
Responsible for the site development of 13.08 acres located on Wilson Street in Hopkinton. The project involved securing senior housing site plan approval permit, stormwater management permit, DEP Notice of Intent permit, and board of health permit. The 26 senior housing units have full basements and perimeter drainage system. The units are connected to municipal water system and an on-site Presby septic system.

North Plymouth Industrial Park Subdivision Modifications, Plymouth, MA
Responsible for revisions to the subdivision Definite Plans and design of new roadways for the Industrial Park in Plymouth. This $1.6 million project consisted of roadway connection between the Industrial Park and Route 80. Design involved resurfacing and final paving of several existing Industrial Park roads, construction of new cul-de-sacs with bituminous sidewalks and storm drainage improvements. Responsibilities also included meetings with the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals and securing all required environmental and zoning board permits.

Transportation Planning / Traffic Signal Design

MBTA Arborway Bus Garage Complex, Jamaica Plain, MA
Responsible for traffic/roadway related planning and design. Project required evaluating potential traffic and pedestrian impacts generated by the proposed 118 (40' and 60') CNG bus garage and maintenance facility in the MBTA Arborway Yard. Also responsible for preparation of traffic signal capacity analyses and coordination of traffic signals in the study area using SYNCHRO 5.0 Computer Software.

Pheasant Lane Mall Offsite Traffic Signal Improvements, Tyngsborough, MA
Responsible for re-timing, re-phasing and coordination of traffic signals on Middlesex Road. Project required adding fire preemption system for two phases.

Waterford Development Project Offsite Highway Improvements, Northborough, MA
Responsible for preparation of traffic impact study to evaluate various alternative re-timing, re-phasing and coordination of traffic signals alternatives on Route 20 in Marlborough and Northborough, MA. Alternative options of adding exclusive left turn lanes, splitting phases, optimizing timings and un-coordinating the signals were evaluated. SYNCHRO 5.0 Computer Software was used.

TARGET Project Offsite Highway Improvements, Marlborough, MA
T and T Parcel Project Offsite Highway Improvements, Marlborough, MA
Responsible for preparation of bid drawings and documents that included widening Donald J. Lynch Blvd. to provide for a new sidewalk and left turn lanes into the sites for both bounds. The design effort included preparation of full-actuated traffic signal plans that considered exclusive pedestrian phases and lead left turns with overlap opposite right turn movement, preparation of traffic management plans and storm drainage improvements.

Highway/Bridge Design

Massachusetts General Hospital - Central Artery Review and Coordination, Boston, MA
Responsible for the review of Central Artery design contracts within the vicinity of Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) facilities. Project included identifying and evaluating traffic and construction impacts to the MGH facilities. Also included developing alternative designs to mitigate potential impacts to MGH/Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital (SRH) operations. Responsibilities also included preparation of plans showing the proposed Central Artery construction elements and their impacts to the MGH/SRH facilities.

Terminal Area Roadways Preliminary Design, Logan International Airport, Boston, MA
Responsible for reviewing and developing alternative designs for the Terminal Area Roadways at Logan Airport. Project included preparation of alternative roadway alignments to mitigate impacts to the Massachusetts Port Authority facilities and operations. Also included preparation of construction cost estimates for various alternative designs, utility relocation designs and profile studies. Responsibilities also included meeting and coordinating the designs/studies with other agencies.

Replacement of Cranberry Meadow Road Bridge over Conrail Tracks, Spencer, MA
Responsible for design of new roadway alignment for the replacement of Cranberry Meadow Road Bridge. Design consisted of improving the horizontal and vertical alignments at the bridge that included roadway embankment, at grade intersection improvement, pavement design, storm drainage control through open channel, management of traffic during construction providing access to abutters at all times, establishing new right-of-way, and obtaining all necessary permits and railroad clearances/approval.

Urban Ring Corridor Study, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, Boston, MA
Responsible for conceptual plans and profiles and exploration of various busway and fixed rail alternative alignments. Alignments include at-grade, tunnel and elevated sections. Also included are conceptual sizing and location of maintenance facilities and rail tracks.

Replacement of Route 24 Bridge over Page Street, Stoughton, MA
Responsible for design of roadway widening and reconstruction for the replacement of the Route 24 bridge over Page Street. This $2.3 million project included construction of a temporary median crossover (3,000 feet long) and traffic management design for a four-stage bridge construction. Throughout construction, three lanes in each direction of Route 24 were kept open for traffic at all times.

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